Artwork Guide

We hope that every customer can get high-quality prints by standardizing the artwork finalization guide and reducing the chance of errors.

  • Set the bleed

    Color and images must extend beyond the edge of your artwork, to prevent unwanted white borders after trimming. 3mm bleed is recommended on all edges.

  • Create outlines for text

    The text in the artwork must always be converted into graphics or outlines instead of remaining the original font type to avoid the problem of missing fonts.

  • Preferred file format

    The common file formats for printing are: *.ai, *.psd, *.jpg, *.pdf, *.cdr, etc. Files from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are not suitable for printing.

  • Embed the graphic file

    Remember to embed or rasterize the linked graphic file before sending us the artwork to make sure no file will be lost during printing.

  • About color ratio

    Please notice that the minimum color ratio must not be less than 10%, and the "total" color ratio of the overlapping four colors must not be higher than 245%.

  • Image resolution

    The image file in the artwork for printing generally needs a resolution at least 300dpi. 100dpi is accepted only for large image output.

FTP file transfer

Feel free to transfer files with FTP.

Inkstone FTP location

Username/password: inkstone

Transfer guide

1. Enter FTP - Select View(V) on the menu bar → Open FTP(O) in Windows Explorer → Place the file.

2. Strongly suggest to save Word and Excel file into PDF format to avoid unwanted format problem.

3. Convert text into graphic or outlines.

4. Make sure the colors of the artwork are always based on CMYK.

5. Please call and inform us after transferring the file.

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